CurrencyXchange™ is an advanced, centralized
currency management system

Revolutionizes hospitality currency operations with centralized balance tracking, customizable settings, and seamless integration, ensuring a dynamic and efficient foreign exchange experience for hotels and cruise ships.

Balance management

Multi-cashier precision

Transaction transparency

Flexible Rate configuration

Operational precision

Effortlessly maintain central bank balance with detailed audit trails for currencies issued to cashiers, ensuring robust financial control.

Supports single or multiple cashiers, managing currency balance for each cashier/till with meticulous audit trails for every transaction.

Enable buy/sell transactions for currencies and travelers’ checks with an audit trail, ensuring transparent financial operations and accountability.

Define and maintain currency exchange rate settings or commission-based configurations easily, offering adaptability to diverse financial preferences.

Tailor user-definable periods to match financial operational periods or cruises, providing flexibility and alignment with business cycles.

Product features

Multi-cashier balance tracking

Efficiently manage currency balances with detailed precision. Whether handling a single or multiple cashiers, CurrencyXchange™ keeps a meticulous record of each cashier’s till, ensuring accountability through comprehensive audit trails for every transaction.

Centralized verification

Ensure currency management precision with a centralized verification system. Maintain a secure central bank balance while tracking each cashier’s transactions through an accessible audit trail, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in every currency exchange.

Comprehensive transaction logging

Achieve unparalleled transparency in currency transactions with comprehensive logging. Record buy/sell transactions for currencies and travelers’ checks, ensuring a thorough audit trail for each transaction, promoting transparency, and accountability in financial operations.

Flexible exchange rate control

Experience adaptability in financial configurations with flexible exchange rate control. Easily define and modify currency exchange rates or opt for commission-based settings, providing hotels and cruise ships with dynamic options to suit their specific financial preferences.

Financial insights

Access comprehensive transactional reports, end-of-period balancing reports, and profitability reports with CurrencyXchange™. Utilizing the non-proprietary reporting tool, these features ensure cruise ships and hotels have the insights they need for strategic decision-making and financial analysis.

Frequently asked questions

How are currency exchange rates set?

Customers define and maintain their own currency exchange rates and commission based settings.

Can I do a cross-currency exchange?

Yes, the system supports a process involving a series of two separate currency transactions, each involving the intermediary currency.

How does CurrencyXchange™ ensure secure and accountable currency transactions?

CurrencyXchange™ employs a centralized verification system to maintain a secure central bank balance, tracks each cashier’s transactions, and provides an audit trail for voided transactions. This, combined with system verifications for available currency, ensures accurate, reliable, and secure currency transactions.

Can CurrencyXchange™ integrate with our existing Point of Sale (POS) system?

Absolutely. CurrencyXchange™ seamlessly integrates with POS-style receipt printers, ensuring a streamlined process for printing customizable client receipts detailing each transaction.

Do you provide on-site support and training as needed?

CurrencyXchange™ offers 24x7x365 help desk support along with on-site assistance and training as needed, ensuring reliability and operational excellence for our clients.