Cruise management mobile solutions

Designed to fully optimize your cruise and hotel management processes, our mobile apps provide end users with tools to perform tasks on-the-go. Our innovative solutions feature real-time updates, offline capabilities, seamless service management, and user-friendly interfaces.

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xMobile™ – is used by technicians, housekeeping staff and other users who are assigned to complete or fulfil tasks. The main function is to allow these users to remain mobile and automatically receive work/service orders and update the system on progress and completion of tasks while providing valuable data to help management improve processes and maintenance.

Product features

Versatile mobile connectivity

xMobile™ is designed to automatically adjust to the appropriate size of the device (i.e. smartphones and tablets). The application connects to the IssuTrax™ server and works with and without a wireless connection allowing the user to work with the application when there is no wireless connectivity available.

Issue management

Audible and visual alerts notify the user when a new issue has been assigned. Internal functions track when a user receives, accepts, starts, and completes a task which is later included in the metrics reporting. A background synchronization process automatically updates the IssuTrax™ database with updated and completed tasks to provide staff and management with up-to-date progress of tasks.

Task tracking menu

With xMobile™, managing and accessing issues is now more intuitive and efficient than ever before. The application employs a menu-based approach to streamline issue management for users. It categorizes issues efficiently, ensuring users can easily access relevant information period.

Benefits of xMobile™

Effortless task management

Seamlessly track, complete, and manage assigned tasks with ease.

Flexible connectivity

Works seamlessly in both connected and disconnected modes from Wi-Fi, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.

Seamless integration

Enjoy smooth connectivity with IssuTrax™ web and xCreate™ mobile application for streamlined operations.

Real-time progress tracking

Stay updated with real-time progress updates, enabling quick decision-making and efficient task management.

Empowered technicians

Enable your technicians to work on the go, addressing guest-reported issues promptly and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the xMobile™ application without internet connection?

xMobile™ can be used offline, granting users the flexibility to fix issues while on the go.

What are the key features in the xMobile™ application?

Our application empowers users to effortlessly manage maintenance or guest-related issues while on the move. Users receive visual and audible notifications for new issues, and the application seamlessly functions in offline mode. It features a user-friendly interface for initiating and resolving issues, plus the ability to capture and attach photos to the problem at hand.

xCreate™ – allows users to create service and work orders from their mobile device in real-time. Any user with the app can quickly address a guest complaint or maintenance task and automatically have the ticket routed to the appropriate department for resolution.

Product features

Real-time sync integration

xCreate™ is optimized for mobile devices, offering compatibility across various screen sizes, including smartphones and tablets. The application operates in real-time, requiring a Wi-Fi connection for functionality. Issues created with the application immediately synchronize with IssuTrax™ Web and with xMobile™.

Effortless issue generation

xCreate™ seamlessly integrates with IssuTrax™ Web’s defined “Issue Classes”. The application offers intuitive hot keys, and clickable issue types, allowing a quick and effortless creation of common or repetitive issues. With a user-friendly interface mirroring IssuTrax™ Web’s functionality, xCreate™ ensures consistent data entry and validation.

PMS integration

Leveraging identical business rules as the web version, xCreate™ seamlessly supports guest service issues, including interfacing with shipboard PMS to search for guests and to capture guest name, loyalty level, booking number etc. and link them to current issues.

Enhanced multimedia captures

With xCreate™ users can use their device’s camera, to capture and attach pictures relevant to service orders. Additionally, they can record voice memos for further issue documentation. During the service order creation, the app intelligently checks for duplicate and repeat issues, presenting them to the user for confirmation and validation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in issue capture and management.

Benefits of xCreate™

Real-time ticket creation

Create tickets instantly to address issues as they arise.

Swift guest complaint logging

Log guest complaints efficiently for prompt resolution.

Immediate synchronization

Seamlessly sync with IssuTrax™ Web and xMobile™ for real-time updates.

Multimedia support

Capture pictures and add voice recordings to reported issues for thorough documentation and resolution.

Frequently asked questions

How do I see the issues created with the xCreate™ mobile application on the web?

The xCreate™ mobile application operates seamlessly in an online environment, ensuring that any issues generated are instantly mirrored within the IssuTrax web platform.

Can I create guest associated issues?

Yes, the application is flexible, and guest associated issues can be created. Even more, emojis can be also captured to record the guest’s mood.

xInspector™ – is a mobile based inspection app designed to carry out any kind of inspections or audits onboard the vessels. With Issutrax™ xInspector™ you define all your questions, response types, assign points to questions, set pass/fail score, auto re-inspections, create tickets on failed questions, set corporate standards, and track departmental and user scores.

Product features

Versatile mobile connectivity

xInspector™ application connects to the IssuTrax™ server and works with and without a wireless connection allowing the user to access the application when there is no wireless connectivity available.

Customizable inspection framework

xInspector™ allows you to define in IssuTrax™ Web all your questions or inspection items, you can also define the appropriate response, and assign a point value to each question. During the inspection process on the android device, in addition to responding to the questions the user can add notes, photos, and an issue will be automatically created in IssuTrax™ for items that do not pass. xInspector™ keeps track of the number of questions remaining and allows you to save an unfinished inspection to be completed at a later stage. At the end of the inspection the system will calculate a total score and allow for the signature of the inspector and responsible person for the location.

Adaptive inspection management

xInspector™ works in a connected and disconnected network. Each xInspector™ app on device has its own database which periodically syncs with the shipboard centralized IssuTrax™ database via a Wireless connection.

Benefits of xInspector™

Diverse inspection types

Conduct inspections for locations, audits, and departmental assessments.


Tailor inspections to your specific needs with personalized questions.

Rich media support

Display images and text as corporate standards for inspector reference.

Efficient scheduling

Easily schedule and assign inspections for immediate or future dates.

Enhanced documentation

Enter comments, take photos, and capture electronic signatures upon inspection completion.

Frequently asked questions

Is the xInspector™ application environment friendly?

Absolutely! With the xInspector™ application, you can embrace a paperless workflow and contribute to a greener environment.

What are the key features in the xInspector™ application?

Inspector seamlessly integrates with IssuTrax web, allowing for creation of issues when an inspection item fails. Create inspections with customer-defined questions, answers, point values, and pass/fail thresholds. The application operates offline, captures electronic signatures, and allows you to add comments and take pictures.

xButler™ – is specifically designed for housekeeping staff and supervisors. xButler™ interacts with the customer’s PMS to capture amenities, special requests, guest details, guest pictures and displays them to cabin stewards by cabin section. xButler™ also contains a cabin status function as well as a supervisor overview of sections and cleaning progress.

Product features

Cabin service coordination

xButler™ is a mobile application that distributes cabin and guest details by steward section and interfaces with the customer’s PMS to capture amenities and special requests. The module displays the listing of requests to be fulfilled by date/quantity as well as lists the guests and cabins that are being populated/vacated on embarkation day. xButler™ module also contains a cabin status (clean/dirty) function as well as a supervisor overview of sections and their work progress.

Cabin status

Each cabin is color coded to display if the cabin is clean, dirty, in process of being cleaned or in a do not disturb status. The main page also displays the loyalty level of the guest and icons indicating if there is a baby or toddler in the cabin, a handicapped person, or any special requests or amenities to be fulfilled.

Benefits of xButler™

Guest details

Access comprehensive guest information and booking details, with the ability to initiate and finalize cleaning tasks directly.

Request details

View a detailed list of service requests and amenities for each cabin, with the option to mark them as delivered and completed for efficient service management.

Embarkation dashboard

Streamline embarkation and disembarkation processes with a dedicated dashboards displaying guest and cabin details for the day, ensuring smooth transitions.

IssuTrax™ Web integration

Housekeeping supervisors can seamlessly monitor from IssuTrax™ Web the cleaning progress for each cabin section, with real-time updates on completion percentages and estimated time remaining for cabin stewards to finish their assigned sections.

Frequently asked questions

For which departments is the xButler™ application designed?

The xButler™ application is mainly designed for the Housekeeping users and department supervisors.

What is special about xButler™?

xButler™ seamlessly interfaces with the customer’s PMS and captures essential information such as amenities, special requests, guest details, and guest pictures. This information is then displayed to cabin stewards, organized by the cabin section, ensuring efficient and personalized service.