CyberCafe@Sea™ is a versatile shipboard WiFi management solution

A highly flexible Internet Café / Captive Portal solution designed for shipboard WiFi management and billing. This versatile system facilitates seamless connectivity, enabling guests and crew to connect their smartphones, tablets, and notebooks to the Internet.

Flexible internet pricing

Customer branded

Access restriction

Multi-language support


Configure your internet pricing plans for guests and crew by time, data, length of stay, loyalty level, courtesy plans, and more. Free site access is also supported.

Guest-facing login and web pages can be customized with customer logos and images, reinforcing brand guidelines.

Block websites based on applications i.e. Netflix or YouTube, block video streaming, and internet calling. Separate rules apply to guests and crew.

Configurable to accommodate any Western language, this advanced feature ensures a user-friendly experience for individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds, enhancing overall satisfaction with the connectivity experience onboard

With integrated security features, it proactively prevents breaches and system disruptions, ensuring a safe and secure online environment for both guests and crew. What sets CyberCafe@Sea apart is that the system operates on a dedicated network, separate from the main corporate network, providing an additional layer of protection.

Product features

Seamless registration &

This user-friendly functionality allows guests to swiftly log in and register from their devices, with real-time authentication facilitating instant Internet access and timely billing. Cruise lines benefit from the flexibility to tailor pricing plans based on time, data, loyalty levels, and cabin categories, aligning with diverse strategies. This efficient system not only contributes to a positive onboard experience but also enables cruise lines to manage costs transparently while delivering superior connectivity.

Insightful analytics

CyberCafe@Sea’s Reporting offers insightful cruise/voyage analytics, empowering cruise lines with comprehensive data on sales, internet usage, internet plan utilization, refunds, and bandwidth statistics. This feature facilitates data-driven decision-making, allowing cruise lines to optimize connectivity offerings based on accurate insights. Detailed analytics not only enhance operational efficiency but also provide valuable information to enhance the overall guest experience

Access codes

CyberCafe@Sea introduces a hassle-free solution for connectivity access. By providing guests, crew, employees, and contractors with unique access codes, the voucher system enables convenient Internet access without relying on the Property Management System (PMS). This feature not only simplifies the login process but also enhances flexibility in managing connectivity across different user groups.

Personalized notifications

The notifications feature on CyberCafe@Sea’s intuitive platform offers a personalized touch to guest communication. With customizable messages, cruise lines can effortlessly keep guests informed about pricing updates, internet plan expiry details, loyalty rewards, and more. This tailored approach enhances the overall guest experience, providing timely and relevant information. Whether it’s notifying about exclusive offers, upcoming events, or loyalty program benefits, the notifications feature ensures that guests stay engaged and well-informed throughout their journey, contributing to a positive and seamless connectivity experience on board.

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide internet with CyberCafe@Sea™?

CyberCafe@Sea™ is not an internet service provider, but it works with all the major satellite providers. It is a highly flexible Internet Café / Captive Portal solution designed for shipboard WiFi management and billing. The actual provision of internet service is typically facilitated through the ship’s existing internet connectivity infrastructure or a dedicated service provider.

Do you offer loyalty internet plans for returning guests?

Yes, the loyalty internet plans are one of our key features, that recognize and reward returning guests. Our loyalty plans can also be used to provide guests with free or discounted internet access as part of their reservation.

Can users requests refunds through the platform?

Absolutely, our system enables users to easily initiate both partial and full refunds for their internet plans, providing flexibility and customer satisfaction.

Can you block access to specific websites?

Yes, you can. Our content filtering tools block inappropriate or high-bandwidth websites such as Netflix and YouTube. Additionally, we can selectively block video streaming and internet calling services while still allowing communication via chat applications.

Can CyberCafe@Sea™ be branded per customer?

Guest-facing pages are fully customizable, with the ability to incorporate images and logos, based on your brand guidelines.